Payment Options

Did you know that Yoga Balance Studio offers an in-studio family rate for family members, partners, or siblings. For information, please call Karen at 214-250-2367.

Private Lessons at the Studio!

Did you know our teachers are available for private lessons at the studio. The rate for a fully-customized private class is $75 for one person, or $90 for two students.

Contact the studio for additional information.


3 Month Unlimited
(Includes Yoga Nidra)
October, November & December
Available for purchase through Oct. 15th

$285 for all forms of payment. (paypal, cash, check or Chase online banking


1 Class Drop In
One Time Payment


Monthly Unlimited
(Includes Yoga Nidra)
One time payment (PayPal)
1 month only/per payment

$109 if you wish to pay by Cash, Check or Online Banking


8 Classes Card
One time payment (PayPal)
Good for 60 Days

$100 if you wish to pay by Cash, Check or Online Banking


Unlimited Class/One Week
One Time Payment

This is a ONE TIME offer to students who are new to the studio.


Yoga Nidra, Gift Certificate or Donation
Choose Amount ($10 Minimum)