• Saturday, August 26th
  • 2-4pm
  • with Honey
  • $20
  • Register online or at the Studio

Turn Up, Turn Over, Discover the Joy of Inversions

Come play with inversions this month as we look at key alignment practices for safely inverting. Going upside down or flipping in yoga can seem scary or unobtainable. It certainly takes curiosity to even take the first step. For some, inversions may be a whole set of poses that are outside the comfort zone or just “off the table” altogether. We will explore what is involved in many of the classic inversions, how to make them more accessible, or whether they are even right for your practice. Lots of props and modifications will be utilized in this playshop, including inversion chairs. If you are new to inversions or flipping or feel you need to strengthen your inversion practice, this playshop is for you. Remember, it’s Playshop, so there is no pressure to perform in this class…only explore.

We are calling it playshop instead of workshop so we remember to keep a light heart as we explore.

Master Class with Ricky Tran • Sunday, June 4th with Tracy Carruth